We, AIQ Technologies, are on a mission to provide organizations with custom-built Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that enable them to gain a competitive advantage.
These platforms were previously considered too risky, expensive, and talent-intensive to build, but AIQ is making them more accessible to businesses of all sizes.
We are Democratizing AI for All. From ‘Fortune 500’ to Fortunate All.
Our aim is to make the latest developments in machine learning accessible to organizations of all sizes at all times, enabling challengers and disruptors to compete on equal footing.
How we do AI differently
Gaining insight into the future should not be an expensive endeavor.
Our models are designed to provide AI-informed insights to all organizations, regardless of their size. Growing mid-market organizations can have access to our platform without any financial constraints.


End-Users First and Foremost
Construct and deploy. Meant for business. Automated integration with existing channels, tools. No tech or data deciphering needed.


Achieve Growth by owning your Data
Our approach involves utilizing only your first-party data, which you own, to reduce your reliance on third-party platforms. This enables you to retain control over customer relationships and maintain authority over your data.
Our Values
AIQ’s AI – a Personalized & Empathetic experience for its users.
Artificial Intelligence
Our AI & Data Science-based Predictive Analytics are revolutionizing the game for challenger companies worldwide with breakthrough technology. However, what sets us apart is our commitment to doing so with a blend of humility, humanity, and a great sense of humor. Come for the tech, but stay for the people!
Your guide to guaranteed Profitability.