AI prediction. Your new profitability superpower.
Our machine learning platform taps into the data you already own, generating predictions that allow you to maximize performance while streamlining spend.
Our machine learning handles the data. You reap the rewards.
How our intelligent platform turns the data you already own into action:

Real-time data processing

As visitors engage with your site, we sift through billions of data points to extract the signals that accurately predict user behavior and value.

Machine-learned prediction

Our patented machine learning platform predicts the future value of every site visitors within 15 milliseconds of any action they perform.

Custom audience generation

We aggregate every individual visitor's future value into predictive audiences that can be used to more effectively reach and engage with consumers across the funnel.


Amplify your entire marketing operation
How our predictions can be used to accelerate performance:

Scale your prospecting efforts

Our predictive audiences can help you find and target new and larger audiences with high future value. On average we enable our customers scale prospecting by 25% at the same CPA.

Sharpen your retargeting campaigns

Identify visitors with the highest future conversion value and focus your spend on them. Reduce or eliminate spend on visitors unlikely to buy. The average CPA improvement is 33%.

Optimize your channel strategy

Understand your channel performance from top to bottom. See which channels are driving the highest future value visitors to your site. Allocate your spend to match and watch profits climb.

Engineered for effortless integration
Integrating with AIQ takes one click. From there, we flow our predictions into any major channel, tool or platform to effortlessly create and activate predictive audiences. Start taking advantage of your first-party data within seconds.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

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