Retained Search - Exclusive Recruitment Service

Our Retained Search for your technology and digital recruitment needs, made for your discrete or niche permanent hires.



One-Off Deposit

Share commitment with a one-off, fixed deposit, as opposed to the industry standard of three.

Ideal for niche or discrete hiring

An alternative, cost-effective recruitment service, ideal for niche or discrete hiring needs.

A Personal Service

Work exclusively with a dedicated consultant in a personal, one-on-one talent search.

How does Retained Search work?

An alternative, cost-effective Technology and Digital recruitment service for your niche or discrete hiring needs.

This is a one-on-one recruitment service with guaranteed exclusivity on the role(s). One of our dedicated consultants works with you personally to fill the position(s) and provides you with a personal recruitment plan.

Our consultant also works to provide you with industry mapping, advice, job spec writing, and CV delivery. We work with you personally, from the start to the finish of the hiring process.

What roles do we recruit for?

Our Retained Search consists of exclusive, permanent recruitment which focuses on providing skilled technical talent and filling niche roles at all levels across the digital industries.

Our other client-led recruitment services include our On-Demand Resourcing and our Contractor Solutions.

Pay for your search via a one-off deposit

This plan has an initial one-off deposit of £3,000 to guarantee trust and exclusivity, as an alternative to the industry standard of three instalments. This is then deducted from the final invoiced amount once a successful placement has been made.